Life and Faith Institute

The Life and Faith Institute is a non-governmental organization for informal Catholic adult education based in Kaunas, Lithuania. Methodology of the Institute is based on St. Loyola Ignatius’ educational tradition. Although the Institute was established in 1998, the first programs were organized in 1993.
Every year, on the average 1500 people from all over Lithuania participate in the educational programs and retreats of the Institute.
A mature, public-spirited person who is guided by Christian values and initiates changes leading to a meaningful life with God as well as solidarity with people.

We create and provide space for persons for the integration of life and faith by organizing various courses and retreats, providing consultations and carrying out researches.
To help the adult adjust their personal life to the Christian system of values and become active members of Christian society.
The target groups of the Institute are catechists, pastoral workers, leaders of religious communities, social workers, school communities, families, voluntaries working with children, priests, religious sisters, seminarians, and everyone who is orientated to meaningful life with God and responsible behaviour with His creations.

The principles of St. Ignatius’ spirituality:
·         God is in all things;
·         God acts out of love and invites to    create together;
·         The interaction of prayer and activity;
·         The person of Jesus as an example of human completeness;
·         Inner freedom

The educational principles of St. Ignatius:
·         Constant relation of the student’s experience, reflection and action;
·         The integration of intellectual, moral and spiritual aspects of education;
·         Active participation of the student in the educational (training) process;
·         The development of critical thinking;
·         The methodology and order of the educational process; learning in collaboration

During long-lasting work, the Institute has established many valuable partnerships. We cooperate with Kaunas’ Archdiocese, Vilnius’ Archdiocese, pastoral centres, and local parish communities all over Lithuania as well as lay organizations (Lithuanian Caritas, Lithuanian Christian Life Community, Kaunas Pedagogues Qualification Centre, Catholic laity Federation “Ateitis”, Vytautas Magnus University, etc.) from which many people come to our programs. Additionally, the Institute has a number of international partnerships: with Spiritual Directors International, Spiritual Directors in Europe, European Bibliodrama Network, religious sisters of the congregation of the Eucharistic Jesus from Moldova and Latvia, the Lithuanian-Latvian Jesuit Province, and Jesuit Fathers from Poland.